Secure One Premiere Rental Home Guarantee Lease Plan    

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Property Management Major Guarantee Benefits:

  • You receive a full rent check on time when tenant is paying or vacant!
  • You pay no advertising expense.
  • Your rent is guaranteed 2.5 months into an eviction.
  • You will not pay attorney's fees or filing fees for bankruptcies or evictions during the guarantee period.
  • You will have no trashed move-outs as Secure One covers up to $4,000 in damages.
  • You will not receive late payments or check in the mail stories.
  • You will not be subject to uncollected tenant judgments (up to Secure One's guarantee coverage amounts).
  • You will have 50% of your wall interior paint costs covered in between tenants. (Some limits apply)
  • You will have no more appointments that never show to see the house (repairmen and prospective tenants).
  • You receive a better than risk free cancelation policy (see details).
  • Read about our unparalleled guarantee success record.

Features: Full background check of applicants including work and residential history; credit, criminal and eviction reports; rent collection; handling tenant problems; ongoing property surveys; maintenance inquiries handled around the clock; a monthly computerized account statement. The Plan term is 4 years. 


Best candidate for this program: Owners desiring a low level of risk and a rent payment every month (even during vacancies or tenant problems!).

Plan investment: This is based upon property location, condition and specific needs of the property owner. Call for more information: Britt Kidd 805-379-0544.


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