Secure One's Certified Quality Homes rental management program.

Over 30 years of successful property management and rental home leasing guarantees for our clients.


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Secure One comes through with the best guarantees and rental leasing programs in the business. Here's how they work:


Premier Guarantee Lease Plan
This is our premium lease plan. You never have to worry again about vacancy costs between tenants or advertising costs because they are covered 100%. You just keep receiving rent checks. This is the most hassle-free leasing program offered anywhere in our area. Click here for the many other extras. 

Most Popular Guarantee Lease Plan

This lease plan includes the best parts of our premium plan, but makes it more affordable. A portion of the vacancy and advertising costs are covered. There are a bunch of other goodies too such as: receiving rent even when the tenant doesn't pay, Coverage of legal fees and legal filing costs, paint coverage and tenant damage coverage. Click here for the important details. This is our clients' most favorite program.


Best Basic "C" Management Program

This management plan is the non-guarantee program. Our considerable expertise and quality service will be there for you. However, there is no guarantee coverage for nonpayment of rent, legal fees, damages, bounced checks, vacancy and unpaid judgments. The owner shoulders the financial risks in the plan while receiving our most affordable plan. Click here for more details on the features.



Secure One's Exclusive Guaranteed Programs covers owner risk concerns like no one else.
We invite you to view the wealth of material in this Web site. Our goal is to give you the most information so you make the best decision. We are sure you will want to talk to us about leasing your property. Secure One specializes only in single family rental homes town homes and condos.


We are members the National Association for Residential Property Managers (NARPM) who are committed to ongoing education and high professional and educational standards. This includes expert standards for treatment of clients, tenants and the public. It also covers maintaining property, protecting funds, disclosures, following fair housing laws and dealing with competitors. The NARPM logo denotes a true management professional.

Over Thirty Years of Success
We are justifiably proud of our more than 30 year record of excellence in residential leasing. The Secure One team welcomes you to our family of satisfied rental owners.

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