Maintenance Make Ready

Does your property have some minor deferred maintenance or does it need a makeover before it goes on the market? Secure One Properties can help you! We work with an excellent team of vendors, including: flooring companies, painters, gardeners, contractors, plumbers, electricians, and more. We have worked with some of our vendors for 10+ years and they offer our Secure One clients attractive pricing and quality work.

Prior to listing your home on the market, Secure One Properties can coordinate your maintenance needs with our vendors. We can handle small jobs, as simple as paint and flooring, up to complete bathroom and kitchen renovations.

Secure One’s Vice President, Jennine Kidd, oversees all the maintenance and renovations. Jennine and her team of vendors have an eye for selecting the flooring, paint, and fixtures that attract quality tenants and help you rent your property the quickest. Your home does not need to be a “model home” with the most expensive and top of the line upgrades. However, to maximize profit and rent quickly, the home needs to look sharp, be clean and have safety issues fixed. All systems and appliances should be in good working condition.


Before Picture Kitchen
Before Kelly Road
Before Dining Room
Before Family Room
Before Living
Before Kitchen
Before Family Room Timberlane
Before Yard


After Picture Kitchen
After Kelly Road
After Dining Room
After Family Room
After Living Room
After Kitchen
After Family Room Timberlane
After Yard