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Our goal is for you to have a successful rental home property management experience. We offer a full range of property management and guarantee lease services tailored to you as an investor, homeowner, or landlord. We have an extensive portfolio of single family homes, townhouses and condos in the Thousand Oaks area and neighboring valleys.

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Secure One comes through with the best guarantees and rental leasing programs in the business. Here's how they work:

Platinum Guarantee Lease Plan

This is our premium lease plan. You never have to worry again about vacancy costs between tenants or advertising costs because they are covered 100%. You just keep receiving rent checks. This is the most stress-free leasing program offered anywhere in our area. Click here for the many other extras.

Gold Guarantee Lease Plan: Most Popular

This lease plan includes the best parts of our platinum plan, but makes it more affordable. A portion of the vacancy and advertising costs are covered. Other features include: receiving rent even when the tenant doesn't pay, Coverage of legal fees and legal filing costs, paint coverage and tenant damage coverage. Click here for the important details. This is our clients' most favorite program.

Bronze-Standard Management Plan

This management plan is the non-guarantee standard program. Our considerable expertise and quality service will be there for you. However, there is no guarantee coverage for nonpayment of rent, legal fees, damages, bounced checks, vacancy and unpaid judgments. The owner shoulders the financial risks in the plan while receiving our most affordable plan. Click here for more details on the features.

Our Guaranteed Commitments to our Rental Home Property management clients

Over 30 years of successful guarantees for our owners.

30 Year Badge

Since 1986, Secure One has not had any rental homeowner lose money due to eviction, bankruptcy, nonpayment of rent, damage, late payment, attorney’s fees or court filing fees. Secure One incurred those costs as necessary. (These results apply to the guarantee programs only.) We believe that this is the best guarantee available.

Simi Valley Area Information

Simi Valley Property Managers

Surrounded by the majestic Santa Susana Mountain Range and the Simi Hills, Simi Valley is a beautiful city located in eastern Ventura County. The city is adjacent to Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, and the San Fernando Valley. It has been nationally ranked several times as one of the safest places to reside in California and the United States. A family-oriented community, the city boasts the Simi Valley Unified School District and Santa Susana High School.

One world-renowned attraction located in Simi Valley is The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, where the 40th President and his wife, Nancy Reagan, were buried. The city is also known for acres of preserved open space with beautiful trails. Other notable attractions include the Simi Town Center and the Wood Ranch area.

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