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Why Invest in Real Estate?

David Kidd - Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Real Estate can be a great investment for you. The Los Angeles area has a shortage of homes, rental homes and apartments for our growing population. This means houses will likely appreciate over time and rent will go up well too. Here are four ways that you will benefit as a rental home owner:

  1. Your rental income will increase
  2. Your equity in the property will increase as the resident pays your mortgage
  3. You will gain tax savings through deductions of rental expenses and through depreciation tax shelter
  4. Your home will appreciate in value over time

Are you looking for a rental home investment? Your timing may be perfect. The Los Angeles area home prices will most likely continue to climb. Secure One has the skills and knowledge to make your purchase and property management of a rental home more successful. We have information on better neighborhoods, higher rent neighborhoods and the more desirable areas. Purchasing and financing techniques are also available to our clients. Just e-mail or call us today!