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Why You Should Not Get Involved with a Tenant if you Hire a Professional Thousand Oaks Property Management Company

David Kidd - Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Working with a professional Thousand Oaks property management company brings you a lot of benefits. One of those benefits is that you’ll have a buffer between you and your tenants. That’s a huge advantage, and you don’t want to complicate things by getting involved with the tenant yourself.

Today, we’re covering five reasons why you should let your property manager handle the tenant relationship.

Avoiding Lost or Distorted Information

First, information can get lost or distorted. When an owner reaches out to a tenant directly and the property manager is not party to the discussion, any details, negotiations, and promises are not documented. The property manager is unaware and left out of the loop. Most professional property managers have property management software that can document discussions with the tenant. Maintenance requests, lease negotiations, promises for repairs, etc. are all documented. When the property manager is left out, they really cannot do their job and perform for you.

Following all Landlord and Tenant Laws

It’s easy for owners to accidentally break landlord/tenant laws. You hire a professional property manager for a reason. Property managers are experts in their field, and should know all the federal, state, and local laws. When the owner reaches out directly to the tenant, they may accidentally break those laws. Owners might show up to the property unannounced without giving notice. Or, they might tell a tenant that children are not permitted at the house. Or, they might say a tenant cannot have a service animal. These are all bad situations and could spell disaster.

Relationships May Become Over-Friendly

The tenant may also become too friendly with the owner. Of course we want to have a good relationship with our tenants. We want to be respectful and friendly, but at the end of the day this is a professional relationship. The lines may be crossed and things can become awkward. The tenant could begin bypassing the property manager and reach out directly to the owner for negotiations and repair requests. Before you know it, there is no point in even having a property manager. Eventually, the owner will regret ever giving their personal email or phone number to the tenant.

There Can be a Lack of Trust

Tenants may feel like the owner is trying to spy on them. If the owner of the property is constantly reaching out to the tenant by emailing or calling or even driving by and stopping at the property, the tenant may begin to feel like the owner does not trust them in their property. They will begin to wonder why the owner is constantly checking in on them. If you have some important information to relay to the tenant, tell your property manager and they will deliver that information to the tenant.

One Manager is Enough

One Manager is EnoughHonestly, there just cannot be two managers at a rental property. It can cause a lot of confusion for the tenant. The tenant will not know who they are supposed to reach out to. Let your management company professionally manage your home and communicate with your tenant.

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